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From May 1999 through June 2007 Abstract Art Online functioned as an online art journal devoted to abstract art, primarily in New York City. There were 3 major components for AbArtOnline - Artist Profiles, Art Reviews and Essays.  In 2001 a Conversations series was launched in which Editor and Publisher, Joe Walentini, conducted interviews that included artists, gallery owners and an artist/critic. The journal was published monthly with the exception of the reviews which were published weekly.

In total 56 Artist Profiles and Essays were presented with approximately 450 art reviews published. This Directory includes links to legacy samples of the writing.  Click on link above each of the image or the images themselves below to get to the corresponding pages.






Artist Profile ~ Ute Barth


Review ~ Joseph Ablers/ Donald Judd


Review ~ Mark di Suvero


Conversation ~ Philip Pavia



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Artist profile of the photographer Uta Barth. Comparisions are drawn between the artist’s work and the nature of abstract painting.


This review contrasts and compares the art of Joseph Albers and Donald Judd from a show at the Brooke Alexander Gallery featuring both artists together.


This review looks at a mini-survey of Mark di Sivero’s art featured at the Paula Cooper Gallery.


This conversation with Philip Pavia was the first in the series. In it he discus- ses his publication ‘It Is’ and his role as a founding member of ‘The Club’












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