Main Galerie ~ Diane Englander

Reconstructed Lyricism

  February 26th - March 19th, 2018



Diane’s art has previously been featured in the Galerie Project Room. In this show she has sourced new and old materials such as scrap wood, old photographs, recycled and new paper, etc. to construct these new pieces.  The fresh imagery is often playful and poetic even as it is assembled within the context of a solid compositional approach.  And yet the recycled materials add their own charm to the work, part of which appears to be a tossed-off nonchalance. At first glance this appears easy.  But it takes skill, confidence and, most importantly, the willingness to successfully find a delicate balance between theses varied components.







Project Room ~ Emily Berger & Claire Seidl

Objective >< Subjective



We are very pleased to present this dual exhibition of photograph and paintings by Galerie Cerulean Artists Emily Berger and Clair Seidl.  The premise for this show is to contrast and compare the objectivity of photography with the subjectivity of painting. Both of these artists excel in these mediums. An interesting dialog is created given each artist’s respective imagery and individual approach to photography and painting. These are older pieces that have been previously exhibited on this site in solo shows. But here they show that none of their impact has diminished over time.