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Mirage - Marianne Van Lent

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A recurring theme in the oeuvre of Marianne Van Lent is the mirage. The paintings in this collection address the theme of the mirage in nature. The mirage, as Van Lent conceives of it, is an impression of an otherworldly experience elevated to an exalted destiny: a mystical and metaphysical presence, surpassing the physical world and the nature of material. The mirage is an ultimate glimpse into the mystery and beauty of nature; its fullness and emptiness. The experience is short lived, a fleeting moment controlled by light and its ever changing effects.  And it is the play of light that creates a dramatic expression of a sublime moment.


January 17 to February 28, 2016

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Orchestrations in the Abstract - Nancy Ortenstone

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We are very pleased to present this collection of recent paintings by New Mexico painter, Nancy Ortenstone.  Clearly her locale has provided inspiration for her paintings with regard to light and space.  As she says in her statement on the work: New Mexico landscapes inspire me, especially the light, the ever-changing colors on the mountains and mesas, the wide-open skies, and the embracing silence.  Beyond the subject matter the influence is additionally evident in her free and open paint handling. In these painting a lush esthetic collides with a nuanced reductive esthetic with luscious results.