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In An Expressive Mode

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Claire Seidl

Lee Kaloidis

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Joe Walentini

Nancy Shill

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Marianne Van Lent

Walking the Grid

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Ravenna Taylor

David Rich

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Emily Berger

Robyn Ellenbogan

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Iona Kleinhaut

Cynthia Hartling


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Current Exhibition

Warm / Five Galerie Artists

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We end this season in the same way we began - with a group show of Galerie artists. The work included here was shown in the Galerie this past season but the major unifying component is the warm tones represented throughout this work from which the exhibition title is derived. Each of these pieces is highly individualistic and run a continuum from Claire Seidl’s reductive works on paper to the lushness of Marianne Van Lent’s nature influenced paintings. But another more subtle connection is a natural organic quality implied within the subject matter, the paint handling and of course, the color.

May 25th to September 13, 2015

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Project Room

Views from Afar ~ Hilary Goldblatt

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We are very pleased to present the paintings of Hilary Goldblatt in the Project Room.  In pleasant contrast to the group show these pieces offer a cooler palette.  According to her bio, Hilary was born in England, grew up in South Africa and eventually moved to the United States. Today she lives within the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest and this, plus the range of geography she has experienced have influenced her work. One take on these images is to suggest a Birdseye’s view of the world – a measured, distanced, perspective. And all of it achieved with a luscious quality of painting handling.